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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! This year we are enlisting the help of Bethesda’s building community to bring the exciting DOG HOUSE AUCTION back to Strut Your Mutt 2015 and provide great new homes for some of “Bethesda’s Best Friends”. Some of Bethesda's Best Builders will be constructing unique dog houses that will be judged and auctioned off at Strut Your Mutt on May 16.

This portion of the event is Sponsored by  

Jane Fairweather 

Dog house update (April 8th)

We have 4 (possibly 5) doghouses being built this year of the Strut Your Mutt dog fair on May 16th

MARK IV Buildersthe Dog Lounge – is being designed by Chris Hambrecht (Design Studio 45) and built by MARK IV. Chris’ idea is that in Montgomery County dogs lounge so they should have their own lounging couch

Bethesda Builders – Mark Leas is taking the traditional approach with their doghouse and adding a front porch

RCG Homes – Rob and Charlie Gilroy are guarding their design closely